Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dude, the Pope is totally gay

Secret Santa? Or Bad Santa?

Okay, this is supposed to be a cultural, not political blog. But isn't a culture of denial still a culture all the same? And doesn't it deserve critique? To gay people, Pope Benedict's lowering the boom on the many gays in the priesthood (who no, are not all pedophiles) set off a tiny alarm, as in haven't we met this type before (usually in the evangelical churches)? Since then, the evidence for Benedict's - ahem - internal conflict has been piling up, from the Natuzzi white leather popemobile to the shoe-shopping at Prada (yep, make that the Pope and the Devil, honey). Alas, as a critic, I have to say Benedict's gay taste is pretty low, and obviously dated (he's clearly a queen, not a "queer"). In his personal presentation there's little of the self-awareness you generally find in closet cases today. Not that being dated is any excuse - I mean even Liberace did better than this. Still, it's fun to see all the unconscious camp in one place. (Papal attire photos from L'Espresso.)

So enjoy -

The ruby slippers.

The boy toy - Msgr. Georg Gänswein ("Father GAY-org" - woof!).
(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty.)

The white-leather coach.

What can we say but ride 'em, cowboy?

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  1. It's true he is so obvious a Nelly and you are so right his whole set up exudes camp. Then he tries to hide or compensate through his condemnation of gay culture. Such a transparent veil.

    What a sad psychologically dysfunctional man. Still I guess being a young fag in Nazi Germany was a sure way of mucking up a lads psychosexual development ? This guy doesn’t need God, he needs a shrink.