Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Compare and contrast

I always thought Ed Siegel was soft on the A.R.T. - and then I read Louise Kennedy! Strangely enough, however, the Globe's parent, the New York Times, didn't seem to get the memo from Ed. Here are passages from the two papers' reviews of the A.R.T.'s latest, Wings of Desire:

Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe: " Such light, such beauty, such air and life and time and timelessness as theater can , but too rarely does , bestow . . ."

Charles Isherwood, New York Times: "Wings of Desire onstage adds up to a lot less than the sum of its many parts."

Louise Kennedy: ". . . rich, subtle, and deeply moving . . ."

Charles Isherwood: " . . . forced and confusing . . ."

Louise: ". . .that's just one of many indelible images from 100 deeply layered minutes. . ."

Charles: ". . . a few stark, evocative images. . ."

Lo: ". . .we feel his humanity in all its mortal glory. And so, blessedly, we feel ours, too . . ."

Chuck: "But onstage the elements never cohere into a moving whole."

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  1. Wings of Desire is a perfectly fine movie, but I don't see what is so
    compelling about it that it "needs" to be translated into a theatrical production.