Monday, November 27, 2006

Let us now praise local (and okay, New York) actors

Maureen Keiller and Kerry Dowling in The Women

This list began back on as a testament to the local acting community - but as it has grown, I'm afraid some New York names have crept in. Alas, not ALL the acting talent is in Boston! So without further ado, my favorite performances of 2006 (so far). . .

Marin Ireland, Michael Aronov, Laura Latreille, Robert Dorfman, James Gale (entire cast) – Mauritius, Huntington Theatre
Geneva Carr, Jordan Lage - Rabbit Hole, Huntington Theatre
Maureen Keiller, Alice Duffy - The Women, SpeakEasy Stage
Peter Carey - 1776, Lyric Stage
Noah Bean, Will Lebow – Love’s Labour’s Lost, Huntington Theatre
Ken Baltin – Brooklyn Boy, SpeakEasy Stage
Paula Plum – The Goat, Lyric Stage
Allyn Burrows – Five by Tenn, SpeakEasy Stage
John Kuntz – How I Got That Story, Nora Theatre


  1. Maureen Keillor and Peter Carey are two colleagues that I am so very happy to see listed here. Having had the great good fortune to share the stage with these two more than once, I can tell you of the pleasure of looking into their eyes and being made to give back as good as given.
    I recently had the honor of playing opposite Peter, in 1776. On one particular evening, as I was making my exit, my shoe hit a slippery patch of stage and I began to fall. Peter's character despite having been my nemesis throughout, reached out and grabbed me, just as I reached for him to steady myself. Instead of losing ourselves in the awkawardness of this moment, we held eachother fast and in that moment I felt what it was to truly "live" a character.That night, "Gentlemen, I say ye John Dickinson" were the most heart-wrenching six words I have ever experienced.
    As for the equally beloved Miss Keillor, she saved me many an evening in a production of the umpteenth version of NUNSENSE. Without her, I know that I would have thrown myself overboard the sinking ship we called "home" in December, 2003.
    Congratulations, you two. And, thanks Mr. Garvey for listing them here.
    Sincerely: Frank Gayton

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  3. Thank YOU, Frank (and congratulations in general to you and the rest of the excellent cast of "1776"). Maureen and Peter deserve more recognition than they've gotten (so far) - I also remember with pleasure Maureen's wittily tormented turn in "Pulp" at Boston Theatre Works last year, and Peter's zippy "When You're a Jet" moves in the Lyric's "Urinetown."