Monday, November 27, 2006

Conductors quite becoming

Ah, Grant Llewellyn. I admit, I miss Handel & Haydn's departed hunk. His brilliant job teasing out the subtleties in Beethoven's First and Second at the most recent H&H offering only made me miss him all the more. Now comes word that damn North Carolina Symphony he works for has locked him in till 2012! Apparently there are some smart folks down in the Research Triangle after all . . .

Oh, well! I'll simply have to console myself at the Rafael Fr├╝hbeck de Burgos concert at the BSO on Tuesday (Rachmaninoff's Fourth Concerto, the Rhenish, and the Firebird Suite, which should be particularly fiery). Rafael, in case you haven't heard, is da man - one of the greatest conductors alive, IMHO; frankly, his visits are usually the highlight of the BSO season. See you at Symphony.

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